Full Service

 Customary upkeep of the outside of your vehicle is significant paying little heed to the sort or age of your vehicle. Which is the reason we realize how to groom it so it would appear that new. Our careful, proficient cleaning has a special visualization as well as a precautionary measure, saving vehicle paintwork and continuing harming natural impacts under control.


We offer motor oil, transmission, brake, grasp and power guiding liquid switch or top up with elite ointments. Our consultants and technicians identify the root cause of lubrication related equipment failures and then work hand in hand with you and your team to implement the necessary procedures, processes or products to avoid their reoccurrence. 


IK AUTO Care, we offer specifying arrangements that give your vehicle fantastic cleaning from heavily congested. Our robotized, best in class apparatus expels earth, buildup and street delivered harm from day by day use, while keeping up your vehicle’s appearance for a considerable length of time to come. Auto enumerating likewise builds the lifetime of vehicle components .

Other Service

We apply a hard wax with an unmistakable coat that delivers a polished completion to new or old vehicle paint. The wax additionally goes about as a defensive layer that keeps up the paint and ensure it for more. Also Our glass treatment improves wet climate driving perceivability. The treatment utilizes a non-streaking recipe, smelling salts free and safe for tinted windows. This is perfect for high mugginess conditions. point by point criticism structure is issued after each full grease administration.